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Try using our 3D modeler to create your furniture before you physically build it!

Mission Statement

With Bloc, instructions are optional. Our customizable modular furniture empowers individuals to break the mold of traditional design and redefine what it means to start over.

What is Modular Furniture?

Modular furniture is composed of standarized units and allows people to customize their living spaces without limitations.

Our product enables our customers to build anything they want, giving them complete creative control. Individuals never have to settle for furniture below their standards, and they can always modify their living space by taking apart their furniture and building a new creation.

Bloc Packages

Your imagination is the limit, our blocks are the medium.



  • Blocks: 15
  • Squares: 0
  • Toppers: 10



  • Blocks: 30
  • Squares: 10
  • Toppers: 15



  • Blocks: 50
  • Squares: 30
  • Toppers: 25



  • Blocks: 150
  • Squares: 50
  • Toppers: 40


Your imagination starts here

6" x 12" x 6"


6" x 12" x 1"


6" x 6" x 6"


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